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D1.1    Reports on background context according to survey & study visits – OSACEA

D1.2    Programme Handbooks – KNUCA

D1.3    Stakeholders’ Platform – SAEE

D1.4    Accreditation certificate by competent authority – SAEE


D2.1    Set of documents stating installing and inventory of equipment – STUBA

D2.2    Digitally printed Lecture Notes and Case Studies – PSACEA

D2.3    Official documentation of MCs delivery in accordance with hosting UAUs’ rules – KNUCA


D3.1    Certificated attending of training carried out by at least 24 UA Jr teaching staff – UNIGE

D3.2    Certificated results of internship hosted by stakeholders – SAEE


D4.1    Quality Plan – OSACEA

D4.2    Evaluation Board setting up and periodical reports – OSACEA

D4.3    Monitoring reports as results of the internal mechanisms – OSACEA


D5.1    Dissemination Plan – LPNU

D5.2    Project website platform – LPNU

D5.3    Reports on organization of Induction Events and FDC – UNIGE

D5.4    Reports of dissemination activities – LPNU


D6.1    UKRENERGY teaching model elaboration – SAEE

D6.2    Stipulation of the UKRENERGY Network – UNIGE

D6.3    KEOs (Key Exploitable Outcomes) Strategy – SAEE


D7.1    Prompt call and carrying out of Kick off meeting (KOM) – KNUCA

D7.2    Consortium Agreement – UNIGE

D7.3    Project Management Plan – UNIGE